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Contrails ! MCR kitplane and homebuilding

MCR 4S picture
Photo Dyn'Aero


MCR technique

This site offers some technical pages on the build of a Dyn'Aero MCR 4S kitplane, with contributions of several MCR boys



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Last updates in Contrails !

Suite    Garmin GPS 400 memory battery               Nouveau !
Replacing Garmin GPS 400 memory battery.
Suite    Rotax regulator DIY replacement               Nouveau !
To replace the Ducati, Mike Miller offers his DIY voltage regulator design.
Suite    Rotax regulator : Shunt or Serie ?               Nouveau !
An end to misconceptions : back to basics of today's regulators
Suite    The Rotax 912-914 alternator               Nouveau !
Our in-depth experimental study of the Rotax/Ducati alternator
Suite    Voltage regulator change               Nouveau !
At 490h, the MCR4S voltage regulator started acting up.
Suite    914 wastegate cable lubrication               Nouveau !
Lubrication of the wastegate cable is crucial.
Suite    QLDSB Portable blower               Nouveau !
Fairings : how do we know if "it's right" before taking to the air ?
new !           
Suite    Watch Contrails ! videos on smartphone or tablet       Nouveau !
Videos now work on any platform !
Example at the bottom of this page.
Suite    Audio Aviation English               Nouveau !
The audio English aviation vocabulary is now cross-platform !
Suite    Waviness Gauge               Nouveau !
Controling flying surfaces to ensure laminarity
Suite    On-board kit
Which equipment for a cross country flight ? Which tools, which spares ?
Suite    Measuring VSWR
When tuning a radio antenna, specialists use the VSWR
Suite    Watermark PHP 6               Mis à jour !
At last a second method of protecting your pictures with Paint Shop Pro 6...
Suite    Math formulas with HTML & CSS
One can directly write math formulas...
Suite    Electroluminescence
Panel lighting can be vital...
Suite    MCR 4S ground power receptacles
The MCR 4S ground power installation...
Suite    R-Pins
The IF-Team method for removing the MCR 4S canopy...
Suite    MCR 4S oleo struts
MCR 4S oleo struts and their maintenance...
Suite    MCR 4S wetted area
To determine aerodynamic quality...
Suite    MCR 4S cabin heat : some temperature measurements
MCR 4S cabin heat, finally some temperature measurements
Suite    Watermark PHP 6
Protecting one's pictures with Paint Shop Pro 6
Suite    Throttle lever stops
Good practices that apply to any power plant...
Suite   Bing 64 carb floats
An undocumented failure with a Bing carburetor...
Suite   MCR 4S Secret Archives
For the first time Contrails ! unveils the secret plans of the IF-Team...
Suite   MCR 4S defogging
Not every flight is performed on a hot summer day...
Suite   Language proficiency FCL1.028
Brief aeronautical audio vocabulary to prepare for FCL 1.028 exam
Suite   MCR 4S cabin heat
Cabin heat on MCRs traditionally "works well in summer"...
Suite   Inside a Jabiru
Now with pictures of valves and cylinder head
Suite   Jabiru lubrication fix #2
A new approach to Jabiru 2200 lubrication by Marc, with new data
Suite   MCR 4S baggage door
Igor tells how he designed his rear baggage door
Suite   Jabiru lubrication fix #1
Martin shares the solution to his Jabiru rocker chamber lubrication problem
Suite   Autopilot
Gabriel Consigny's MEMS autopilot project
Suite   Meteo
Official aviation weather, without personal code.
Please note the new Met'Map from Orbifly
Suite   Tuft test video
Excerpt of Michel Bosek's video
Suite   So your plane is too fast ?
Builders fly with deployed airbrakes...
Suite   Inside a Jabiru
Anatomy of the Jabiru 3300 engine, now in English...
Suite   Glossary
Due to the growing success of its definitions, the "Glossary" page now includes a note on intellectual property ;-)
   Jabiru spark
An amazing picture by Lynn Matteson
   Étévé Method
How do we check a wooden propeller ?
   Condensation trails
What would be Contrails ! without a page on...contrails ?
   Nosemetric unit system
Nosemetry (French pifométrie) is a universal science...
   Aircraft dollies
Once in the hangar, our dreambirds are so clumsy...
   Ferrite bead protection
How to ensure ferrite bead reliability
   Jab lube videos
New videos on the Jab rocker lube experiment
   Jabiru rocker lubrication
A Jab 2200 owner shares his findings on lubrication
   Satellite animation page in English
An English version of the weather animation page...
   Weather page English version
An English version with additional links...
   914 Fuel System Testing
R.Parigoris and W.Gutschow share their findings on the Rotax 914 fuel pumps...
   Connecting Rotax 91X mags
Additional information on the magneto wires connectors...
   Legal mentions
The compulsory page on intellectual property, etc...
   Connecting Rotax 91X mags
The latest Rotax 91X engines have new connectors for the magneto wires...
   Burn, baby burn !
Engine fluids flammability, by Ron Parigoris & Wayne Gutschow
   hPa and in Hg
We sometimes use an altimeter in inches of mercury
   Conversion chart
To avoid complicated calculations
   Protection of printed circuit boards
Protecting wires soldered on PCBs
   Satellite reduction gears
Realizations of the apogee of aircraft piston engines
   Choosing coolant
In 2004 and 2006, Rotax issued Service Bulletins relating to choice of coolant.
Some additional information on water and glycols.
   Rotax Reduction Gear
The element that makes the difference on the Rotax 9XX engines
   Rotax Oil Starvation
The Rotax 9XX are very reliable, but they hate oil starvation...
   Troubleshooting stick grip wiring
Troubleshooting a not-so-easy-to-access wiring
   Making Jabiru 3300 cowlings for RT             
Raphaël shows how he made his Jabiru 3300 cowlings
   Jabiru flywheel investigation
On the 3rd December 2006 three Jabiru 2200 engines had their flywheel bolts replaced and re-torqued. Anton Lawrence shows the process and findings
   Aerodynamics of the radiator
At last an English version of the basics of radiator -and finned barrel- cooling
   US machine screw dimensions
How to find one's way in US screw dimensions and threads
   US drill bit size conversion
US drill bit conversion chart to millimeter and inch
   Bolt locking devices
Some modern devices, by Anton Lawrence
   Jabiru flywheel bolts
Jabiru's SB on flywheel attachment aroused the Jabiru community. Anton Lawrence's study on the flywheel bolts answers many questions
   Jabiru's coil recall letter
The ignition coil recall letter received in 2003 by British owners from their Jabiru dealer
   The Bosch VE Diesel injection pump
For Diesel lovers, a remarkable study on the Bosch VE Diesel injection pump by Bricofoy.
   Air intakes
Some basic principles to design air inlets that really work.
   Jabiru ignition coils
Jabiru recently recalled 900 faulty ignition coils under warranty
   Aerodynamics of radiators
At last some pictures to complement the "Radiator Aerodynamics" page
   Glossary of aeronautical terms
Definitions of terms used in Contrails !
   Firewall penetration
How to ensure gas and flame-proof penetrations for wires and cables


Building and flying Dyn'Aero's MCR 4S kitplane

The project

Photo NM

From 2001 through 2004 I've been involved with Igor Fedoriw in the building of a Dyn'Aero MCR 4S four seater kitplane. It is a two man project.

Among other tasks I've been in charge of the electrical circuit and radiator duct optimization.

The MCR 4S project first flew in November, 2004. It has been tested up to FL 145 at temperatures ranging from -14°C to + 37°C with very good results.

The MCR 4S was ferried to it's homebase in March, 2005

The aircraft performance is outstanding.

November 24th 2004

First flight at Dijon-Darois

July 2005

The flight tests have been successfully completed.
The paperwork is done and we are waiting for the Civil Aviation certificate of registration.

September 24th 2005

The certificate of airworthiness has just arrived. Our MCR 4S project is now fully registered.


What's to be seen on Contrails !

Technical articles

Contrails ! covers numerous aspects of homebuilding, which might interest many hombuilders, whatever their project.

A few examples :

MCR engine
Photo GTH

  MCR electrical circuit
Designing one's electrical architecture, choosing wires, protecting circuits, practical wiring.

  MCR 4S instruments
Installing fuel-flow, radio and GPS, antennas, coaxial.
See Manuel Bonniot's article on the Dynon EFIS.

  MCR engine cooling
Aerodynamics of the radiator, cooling drag, wind-tunnel optimization of an MCR 4S air inlet diffuser, etc.

Your feed-back is most welcome !



To learn more

MCR 4S short takeoff video

Video GTH


Short takeoff of the MCR 4S during flight tests at Gap Tallard (LFNA 1986 ft), February 2005.

Two on board, 60 L fuel, 600 kg, wind calm, outer air temperature about 10°C.

Brakes on until takeoff power is achieved, then rotation around 85 km/h (46 kts) IAS.


English pages coming soon

Contrails ! is still mostly in French for some time.
I'm busy translating one MCR page after the other, so check back soon !


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