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Remplacement des bobines d'allumage

Jabiru a récemment rappelé un lot de bobines d'allumage défectueuses, pour remplacement sous garantie.
Voici la lettre reçue de leur concessionnaire par les propriétaires Britanniques concernés

Noter la mention "Service Bulletin. Curieusement, aucune référence à ce SB dans la liste officielle sur le site Jabiru Australie.


La lettre de rappel

Jabiru Engine Service Bulletin
Subject: Ignition Coils
Applicable: Jabiru 2200 S/No. 22A1292 to 22A1528
Jabiru 3300 S/No. 22A0360 to 22A0536
Compliance: Before Next Flight

Date: 3rd September 2003 Ref: UKJSB004

Revision: 2 Dated 9th September 2003


Ignition Coils - Glossy Black Coils marked "LEADING GX"

We have been monitoring a problem with ignition coils fitted to recent Jabiru engines, we have seen tell tail signs of break down leading to either a misfire, failure or call to ourselves for advice. The tell tale signs are: hard to start, ignition noise on RT, missing at high load typically in the climb or eventually complete failure at Mag Check.

The original GREY coils P/N P10522N have never given problems with over 600 coils in service in the UK and only 1-2 failures since 1996.

Our supplier stopped producing this coil and Jabiru sourced another coil P/N P10523N, it can be identified by a gloss black casing and text "LEADING GC'. Some of these coils have been breaking down on high usage aircraft, as well as a couple of moderate usage.

The engines fitted with these coils are:

22A1292 to 22A1528

33A0360 to 33A0536

Grey coils are considered good.

Matt Black coils P/N P10524N with a rectangular projection on the side and marked TEK (looks like TEC) JAPAN FL833 are considered good.
All new engines from S/N 1529 (2200) and 537 (3300) use TEK coils.

Recommended Action

If your engine is within this serial number range or you have a glossy black coil fitted :

  1. Do not fly until replacement coils have been supplied by Jabiru.
  2. Strongly recommend that all cowled installations supply cooling air to the coils
  3. Fit insulating washers P/N PH4A004 under coils to prevent heat transfer


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