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         FCL.055 Ground operations

Startup Push back
Gate Tie down point
Light gun signals Green flare
Towbar Chock
Chocks inserted Chocks removed
Ground personnel Marshaller
Marshalling signals Manoeuvre
Tractor Follow-me car
Prop wash Jet blast
Parameters Taxi information
Taxi Via
Preflight Runup
Holding point Holding area
Runup point Location
Parking stand Vacant
Close to Next to
To tow To taxi
To follow To bypass
To give way To cross
To taxi back To hold
To hold short of To stop
To enter To exit
To wait To expedite
To speed up To slow down
To mind To pay attention
To look out To exercise caution
To activate To close down


- Departures are on hold due to thunderstorms
- Our departure will be delayed by 30 minutes
- Request progressive taxi instructions
- Taxi straight ahead
- Taxi with caution
- Taxi slower
- Bypass the white and blue Mooney
- Give way to the Airbus A 320
- Make one eighty and taxi to holding point 05 via Bravo

Marshalling signals

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[1]  Transcript 1

"Affirmative ! Thumbs up is a signal used in many situations.
It is used to indicate the acknowledgement of an instruction, or that the area is clear to continue movement"
- Affirmative ! Thumbs up is a signal...
[2]  Transcript 2

Negative ! Thumbs down is a signal used to indicate "no" or "not ready"
- Negative ! Thumbs down is a signal used to indicate...

ATC recordings

[3]  Transcript 3

ATC : "Foxtrot Zulu Bravo, taxi to Hotel initially, runway two seven"
- F-ZB, taxi to Hotel initially...
[4]  Transcript 4

ATC : "Shamrock Six Zero Four, taxi link three, holding point runway two eight"
Pil : "Taxi link three, holding point two eight, Shamrock Six Zero F..."
- Shamrock 604, taxi link 3, holding point runway 28...
[5]  Transcript 5

ATC : "November Eight Two Six Alpha Charlie, Boston tower, cross four left at Echo, taxi to runway niner via Echo and Mike"
- N826AC, Boston tower, cross four left at Echo...
[6]  Transcript 6

ATC : "NorthWest Tree Seventy Niner, Boston, runway niner, position and hold, traffic landing crossing [...]"
Pil : "Position hold runway niner with Tree Seventy Niner, roger"
- NorthWest 379, Boston, runway niner, position and hold...
[7]  Transcript 7

ATC : "Lufthansa Four Two Zero Heavy, Boston tower good evening, cross runway four left, hold short of one five right, remain this frequency"
Pil : "Lufthansa Four Two Zero, good evening ... cross runway zero four left, hold short of one five right and remain this fre... this frequency"
- Lufthansa 420...
[8]  Transcript 8

ATC : "Six One Two Kilo Papa, Ground, taxi runway Tree Five r...right, taxiway Kilo... which's 5000 feet available, and taxi er.. Lima and Alpha"
Pil : "Three five right, er... via Lima and Alpha"
- 612KP, Ground...
[9]  Transcript 9

ATC : "JetBlue Forty, Boston tower, MOCHA HAGoTDI, cross runway 22R and contact Ground on point niner"
Pil : "MOCHA HAGoTDI, JetBlue Forty"
- JetBlue40, Boston tower, MOCHA HAGoTDI...
[10]  Lufthansa access panel

ATC : "Lufthansa 401, I'm sorry, go ahead you left a question ?"
DLH : "Lufthansa 401, we have a little problem, and you have contact with the car here, by the... VOR station, to look at our airplane ?"
ATC : "What do you need him to look at ?"
DLH : "Seems we have a refueling panel near the uh.. body, uh open... maybe it's closed, and which uh zo...uh... if we could look..."
ATC : "There is...he's not on the frequency, so hang on a second"
DLH : "Thanks"
JBU : "Tower, JetBlue 153 ?"
ATC : "Yes sir"
JBU : "Ask Lufthansa if that fuel panel door, is uh.. on the bottom of the fuselage"
ATC : "Lufthansa 401, is it on the bottom of the fuselage ?"
DLH : "On the bottom of the right side"
JBU : "Ah it's open, for we see is a small door hanging open on the bottom of the right side of the fuselage on the Lufthansa A340"
DLH : "Lufthansa 401, if we can we'd like uh go out of the sequence to the left, and I'd like to go outside of the aircraft and close it if that's proper"
ATC : "Uuuh...I don't..ha..ah..aye, you know what, you can make a left hand turn to the next taxiway, hold short of the runway, and whatever you need to do you can do."
DLH : "Thank you, next left holding short of the runway and uh..cleared uh... to close it, thank you"
- Lufthansa access panel...
[11]  Transcript 11

ATC : "SpeedBird Four Two Eight heavy, Kennedy tower, runway two two right, position hold, traffic is crossing downfield"
Pil : "Yeah, I'm sorry, SpeedBird er.. er..Four..Two eigh.. heavy, we..I've taken the wrong turning and taken the turn before Zulu Alpha, I.. I missed the [..]sign two two right [..], is there any way out from here ?"
ATC : "OK, stand by, there was er.. there was a closure on Echo earlier, but so that's... no longer a factor, just hold your position"
Pil : "Yeah, holding position"
- SpeedBird 428 heavy (1/2)...
[12]  Transcript 12

ATC : "..Bird Four Two Eight heavy, just continue down via Echo...and then after you make a right turn Yankee and right turn Fox Bravo, and hold short of runway two two right"
Pil : "Thank you, er.. will continue on Echo and will make the two right turns and hold Fox Bravo short of two two right, sorry about that, SpeedBird er.. Four... Two Eight heavy"
ATC : "Air China Six Fourteen, don't follow British Airways please, just continue Charlie and turn left at Zulu Alpha"
Pil : "Charlie and Zulu Alpha, Air China Six One Four"
- SpeedBird 428 heavy (2/2)...


Recordings [2] through [10] courtesy of LiveATC





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