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FCL.055 The aerodrome

Contrails ! FCL.055 The airplane




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   "The airplane"

Piper Cessna
Dyn'Aero MCR 4S
Mooney Beechcraft
Cirrus Diamond
Robin Jodel
Aircraft (ACFT) Airframe
Pusher Floatplane
Single engine Twin engine
Fuselage Fairing
Nose Tail unit
Wing Aileron
Wing root Wing tip
Dihedral Washout
Spar Rib
Wing span Chord
Leading edge Trailing edge
Flaps Slats
Horizontal stabilizer Elevator
Fin Rudder
Skin Fabric
Composite Carbon fiber
Landing gear Main landing gear
Wheel Rim
Tire Inner tube
Main wheel Nose wheel
Tail dragger Tailwheel
Shock absorber Bungee
Gear strut Wheel spat
Gear door Wheel well
Wheels down Wheels up
Automatic Electric
Hydraulic Pneumatic
Mechanism Actuator
Pulley Fairlead
Bellcrank Turnbuckle
Pushrod Rod end
Clevis Fork
Right Left
Starboard Port
Inner Outer
Inboard Outboard
Pitch Roll
Yaw Stability
Lift Drag
Flight envelope Lift-drag ratio
Payload Wing loading
Weight Weight and balance
Centre of gravity (CG) Arm
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) Zero fuel weight (ZFW)
To extend To retract
To lower To raise
To cycle To inflate


- Three greens
- Gear down and locked
- The angle of attack is the angle between the wing chord line and the direction of the relative wind


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