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   "En route"

Climb Descent
Level Flight level
Levelled Level change
Higher level Lower level
Present position Destination
Inbound Outbound
ETA Estimated time of arrival
Duration Endurance
Track Transit
Routing Route amendment
Position report Traffic information
Traffic ahead Traffic preceding
Behind Following
Parallel track Closing
Diverging Opposite direction
Same direction Overtaking
Southbound Heavy Airbus
Fast moving Slow moving
Same level Through your level
Not identified Unreported
Traffic in sight Avoiding action
Traffic not in sight Negative contact
Traffic no longer a factor Clear of traffic
Radar identified Holding pattern
Border Boundary
FIR boundary Approaching Mid-Channel
Upper Lower
Inside Outside
Controlled airspace Uncontrolled airspace
Restricted zone Prohibited zone
Danger zone Control zone
Zone status Activity
Active Special VFR
Local flight Cross-country flight
Maiden flight Test flight
Ferry flight Flight test
To climb To descend
To pass To cross
To reach To leave
To maintain To stay
To be level To establish
To approach To avoid
To ferry


- Say altitude
- Do you want a higher level ?
- Say heading
- Fly heading 340
- Continue present heading
- Do you still have the airfield in sight ?
- Remain outside controlled airspace
- Make a 360 left
- Orbit right
- Maintain own separation
- Avoiding action, turn left immediately heading 230 degrees
- Traffic in sight, crossing left to right
- Resume own navigation
- A military airspace has just been activated and extends my route...
- I'll recompute my endurance...
- If not the case I'll divert...

ATC recordings

[1] - Air Liberty 3144, climb FL 270...
[2] - Speed Bird 730...
[3] - Delta 201 heavy...
[4] - Air France 137G...
[5] - Delta 140, six miles from ZULAB...
[6] - KLM 641 heavy...
[7] - City 5014...
[8] - G-IJ maintain altitude...


Recordings [3], [4], [5], [6] courtesy LiveATC



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Transcript 1

ATC : "Air Liberty Three One Four Four, climb flight level two seven zero"


Pil : "Climb two... three zero... two seven zero, Air Liberty Three One Four"


Transcript 2

ATC : "Speed Bird Seven Three Zero, climb ah flight level two seven zero"


Pil : "Speed Bird Seven Three Zero, climb flight level two seven zero"


Transcript 3

ATC : "Delta Two Zero One Heavy, squawk one seven four seven, descend and maintain five thousand"


Pil : "One seven four seven, right across to five thousand, Delta Two Zero One Heavy"


Transcript 4

ATC : "Air France One Tree Seven Golf, turn left three one zero and establish localizer two seven left"


Pil : "Left turn tree one zero for... localizer ...two seven left, Air France One Tree Seven Golf"


Transcript 5

ATC : "Delta One Forty, six miles from ZULAB, turn left heading tree four zero, maintain two thousand until established localizer cleared ILS runway tree one right"


Pil : "Tree forty on the heading, maintain two thousand til cleared of er...for tree one right, Delta One Forty"


Transcript 6

ATC : "KLM Six Forty-One heavy, increase your rate of descent, contact New-York approach one tree two point four"


Pil : "[..] increase rate of descent and one tree two four, KLM Six Forty-One"


Transcript 7

ATC : "City Five Zero One Four, descent three thousand feet QNH"


Pil : "Descend to three tousand feet, City Alpha Zero One Four"


Transcript 8

ATC : "G[...] maintain altitude two thousand feet, special VFR, QNH 1023, report approaching the French coast"



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