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   "The aerodrome"

Aerodrome (AD) Airport
Airfield Field (FLD)
Visual approach chart (VAC) Instrument approach chart (IAC)
Open to public air traffic Restricted use
Reserved for Prior permission required (PPR)
On request (O/R) Category
Elevation (ELEV) Aerodrome reference point (ARP)
Take-off distance available Take-off run available
Accelerate stop distance available Landing distance available
Stopway (SWY) Clearway (CWY)
Runway (RWY) Threshold (THR)
Displaced threshold Runway far end
Paved runway Unpaved
Grass strip Landing strip
Concrete Asphalt
Dirt Gravel
Lighting Runway lights
Flashing light Fixed lights
Remote controlled lighting Pilot activated lighting
Marking Sign
Threshold markings Aiming point markings
Centerline Taxiway (TWY)
Parallel Adjacent
Intersecting Crossing
Intersection Turn off
Tower (TWR) Control tower
Signal area Windsock
Ramp Apron
Terminal Building
Facilities Fixed base operator (FBO)
Hangar Workshop
Service road Fuel station
Tanker Fuel truck
Firefighter Fire truck
Intervention vehicle Service vehicle
Mower Sweeper
Work in progress Under construction
Temporary Provisional
Disused Abandoned
Obstacle (OBST) Shoulder
Ditch Trench
Fence Blast fences
Pylon Water tower
Power line Terrain


- The airfield is closed
- Short-term parking is available adjacent to the terminal building
- Our FBO includes a flight-planning room with computers
- Any sign that has white letters on red is mandatory
- The taxiway centreline is a single continuous yellow line
- Markings for runways are white
- The first runway lighting appeared in 1930 at Cleveland



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