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   "The engine"

Lycoming Continental
Rotax Pratt & Whitney
Thielert Jabiru
Cowling Engine mount
Hinge Latch
Firewall Propeller
Blade Spinner
Hub Pitch
Fine pitch Coarse pitch
Variable pitch Constant speed
Prop governor Feathering
Exhaust Muffler
Manifold Carburetor
Fuel control unit Regulator unit
Flow divider Fuel nozzle
Turbocharged Normally aspirated
Hose Clamp
Duct Check valve
Vent Breather
Oil inspection door Oil filler cap
Oil filler neck Dipstick
Funnel Rag
Grease Lubricant
Avgas Autogas
Octane index Diesel
Fuel system Fuel line
Fuel filter Fuel pump
Mixture Mixture setting
Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) Peak
Rich of peak Lean of peak
Ignition Spark plug
Magneto Ignition lead
Engine check Ignition check
4-stroke 2-stroke
Aircooled Liquid cooled
Radiator Coolant
Gasket Seal
Lip seal O-ring
Cylinder Cylinder head
Piston Piston ring
Camshaft Valve
Rocker Pushrod
Rocker cover Pushrod tube
Crankcase Crankshaft
Bearing Bushing
Plain bearing Ball bearing
Roller bearing Needle bearing
Preflight check Workshop
Corrective measure Return to Service
Service Bulletin (SB) Airworthiness Directive (AD)
Mechanic Technician
A & P Inspector
Step Jack
Tool Pliers
Power drill Drill bit
Hammer File
Wrench Screwdriver
Screw Nut
Bolt Washer
Rivet Fastener
Lock washer Safety wire
Cotter pin Castellated nut
Sleeve Spacer
Groove Housing
Key Spline
Steel Aluminum
Copper Bronze
Plastic Perspex®
Battery Depleted
Generator Alternator
Wire Connector
Bundle Harness
To preflight To refuel
To start To stop
To warm up To cool down
To idle To over rev
To break in To adjust
To drain To change oil
To repair To overhaul
To jumpstart To crank
To charge To feather
To lean To enrich
To peak


- Fuel gauge is reading low
- Switching to the right tank
- Now have 45 minutes endurance
- We need to refuel
- Request fuel supply
- Please send the tanker to stand A 2
- Ground aircraft properly before refueling
- The battery needs recharging
- Cycle prop three times
- Adjust cowl flaps as required
- Sudden cooling can damage the engine
- A prop strike requires an engine disassembly
- Sudden stoppage from idle may be more damaging
- Clear prop !
- Add power
- Advance throttle
- Retard throttle
- Reduce power gradually
- Chop power


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