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Human factor Get Home-itis
Airmanship Flying skills
Emergency Distress
Pan Pan Mayday
Silence Mayday Silence fini
Infringement Interception
Diversion Help
Assistance Trouble
Safety margin Fudge factor
Situational awareness Disorientation
Distraction Confusion
Unexpected Unintentional
Inadvertent Uncommanded
Abnormal Alarming
Malfunction Unserviceable
Inoperative (INOP) Damage
Failure Suspected
Breakdown Breakdown service
Major breakdown Minor breakdown
Fuel remaining Minimum fuel
Short petrol Critically low on fuel
Misfire Fouled plug
Flat Puncture
Burst Blown out
Stuck Loss
Short circuit Sparks
Fault Thermal runaway
Overvoltage Overheat
Lightning Lightning strike
Smoke Fumes
Smell Smell of burning
Seep Leak
Spillage Vibration
Noise Crack
Cracked windshield Shattered windshield
Birdstrike Propstrike
Tailstrike Near-miss
Collision Mid air
Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) Foreign object damage (FOD)
Unusual attitude Stall
Spin Spiral dive
Recovery Load factor
Rejected take off Runway excursion
Precautionary landing Hard landing
Forced landing Ditching
Glide Glide ratio
Life jacket Life raft
Overdue Search and rescue (SAR)
Rescue team Crash
Totaled Write-off
Debris Wreckage
Injury Loss of consciousness (LOC)
Hypoxia Unconscious
Person(s) on board (PoB) Ambulance
To panic To stay calm
To be stuck To be trapped
To assist To troubleshoot
To run rough To misfire
To quit To restart
To fail To leak
To run out of To be short of
To damage To overheat
To strike To hit
To stick To jam
To sever To rip
To bounce To lose control
To slip To skid
To overshoot To sink
To stall To spin
To regain control To recover
To force land To deadstick
To faint To pass out
To suffer To bleed


- Aviate, Navigate, Communicate
- That was a bit close...
- Airprox report, military aircraft too close...
- That was pretty close
- We're in trouble
- Experiencing navigation difficulties
- Not really sure of my present position
- Need vectors to the nearest airfield
- I'm spatially disoriented
- RPM is fluctuating
- Throttle response is sluggish
- Engine is not giving full power
- Suspected carburetor ice
- Declaring an emergency, engine out !
- Not sure to make it to the airfield
- Attempting forced landing
- Electrical fire behind panel
- Cockpit is filled with fumes
- Forward vision obscured by smoke
- Windshield is covered with oil
- The tow bar broke
- Front wheel rim is damaged
- We heard a thump on takeoff
- Right wheel doesn't appear down
- The airplane veered off the runway
- The front gear has collapsed
- The airplane is a write-off
- Breakdown team is removing debris on runway
- Passenger is not well
- Suspected heart attack
- Request medical assistance on arrival
- Advise POB
- Say souls on board

ATC recordings (no fatality incurred)

[1] - Charlie Victor Echo...
[2] - Delta go around...
[3] - Skylane 70933, Burlington Approach...
[4] - Delta 19-08, we have fire in the cabin...
[5] - Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Thomson 253H...


Recording [4] courtesy of LiveATC



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Transcript 1

ATC : "Charlie Victor Echo, Charlie Victor Echo, go around sir, Charlie Victor Echo, go around"


Pil : "Go around, Charlie Victor Echo"


ATC : "Yes sir, you're lined up on the wrong runway"


Pil : "Oh I'm sorry, sir, thank you"


Unknown Pilot : "Holy S..t !"


Transcript 2

ATC : "Delta, go around ! Delta fourteen eighty go around, Delta fourteen eighty, traffic in the middle of the runway"


Transcript 3

ATC : "Skylane Seven Zero Nine Three three, Burlington Approach, squawk zero two five zero"


Pil : "Ah, zero two five zero, I have a problem, however"


ATC : "Skylane Nine Three three, go ahead"


Pil : "I'm VFR trapped on top of this overcast at er... six thousand eight hundred, and additionnaly I have reason to believe my transponder is not working properly"


Transcript 4

Pil : "Delta Nineteen-Zero Eight, we have fire in the cabin, send the truck."


ATC : "Nineteen-Zero Eight, Boston Ground, where are you ?"


Pil : "Approaching standby one, smoke in the cabin, send the fire truck !"


ATC : "Delta Nineteen-Zero Eight, roger, on the way."


Transcript 5

Pil : "Ah...Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Thomson Two Five Three Hotel, engine failure, we are continuing with northwestly and then inbound towards Willowsy"


ATC : "Thomson Two Six Three Hotel, roger, all runways are available for landing, surface wind zero seventy degrees at five knots"



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