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Pilot Copilot
Crew Passenger (PAX)
Ma'am Sir
Pilot's licence Rating
Pilot's logbook Aircraft logbook
Certificate of Airworthiness Certificate of Registration
Language proficiency FCL.055
ID Passport
Valid Expired
Document Paperwork
Form Flight plan
Customs Customs officer
Immigration services Compulsory, mandatory
Security check Security officer
X-ray machine Metal detector
Free No charge
Handling Handling charges
Landing fees Customs duties
Receipt Invoice
Credit card Cash only
Control office Information desk
Arbitrary Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA)
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
To comply (with) To go through (formalities)
To file a flight plan To fill in (a form)
To pay To show
To Xerox To write down
To require To ask
To charge


- I'd like to file a flight plan
- Please fill in this form
- You need a visa to train in a flying school
- May I help you with the paperwork ?
- Thank you Ma'am
- Are your Pilot's licence an medical certificate current please ?
- Your passport and immigration form, please
- Can I see your ID, please ?
- This certificate is not valid
- This document is expired
- Please show a valid photo ID
- How long will you be staying ?
- Please read this form carefully before signing
- Sorry, we don't take cash or checks, only credit cards
- What is your billing address ?
- Does anyone here speak French ?


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