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   "Speedbird 676 cleared takeoff 27R, wind calm"

Line up and wait Position and hold (US)
When airborne After departure
Takeoff (TKOF) Landing (LDG)
Wind calm Head wind
Cross wind Tail wind
Initial climb Climb out
Crosswind leg Downwind
Base leg Number 2
Approach Straight-in approach
Turning final On final
Long final Short final
Glidepath Aiming point
Flare Hold off
Touch down Roll out
Speed controlled Runway vacated
Low approach Stop and go
Touch and go Option
Full stop landing Low pass
Missed approach Go around
Going around Overhead
Flight instructor Student
Check ride Training
Practice Practice forced landing
Field in sight Runway in sight
Join Circuit
Right-hand Left-hand
Height Altitude
Caution Bird hazard
To take off To land
To go around To climb out
To extend To shorten
To flare To hold off
To backtrack To expedite
To perform To execute
To continue To abort
To sidestep To hold over...
To solo


- Cleared for takeoff
- Cleared to land
- Request power-off approach
- Make long approach
- Make short approach
- Climb runway heading
- Caution wake turbulence
- Numerous flocks of birds

ATC recordings

Move mouse over numbers to show transcripts
[1] - XA is cleared touch and go...
[2] - JetBlue 1086, Kennedy tower...
[3] - Eagle 4619...
[4] - ..and tower Air Canada 187...
[5] - Sax 1HM heavy...
[6] - N6AC, wind 120/10...
[7] - Speedbird 676...
[8] - Lufthansa 4611...
[9] - Jet BLUE 401, contact Boston departure, hasta la vista...
[10] - Attention all aircraft, there's parachute jumping...


Recordings [2], [3], [6], [9], [10] courtesy LiveATC



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Transcript 1

ATC : "X-Ray Alpha is cleared touch and go, surface wind zero one zero degrees, six knots"


Transcript 2

ATC : "JetBlue Ten Eighty-Six, Kennedy tower, your traffic is a heavy triple 7 on a four-mile final, caution wake turbulence... Wind tree six zero at one two, clear't'land'n runway tree'un right"


Pil : "Aye, cleared to land on tree'un right, JetBlue Ten Eighty-Six"


Grosse fatigue...

Pil : "Eagle Forty Six Nineteen, for two two right"


ATC : "Eagle Forty Six Nineteen, Kennedy tower, do you have heavy Seven Sixty Seven on short final in sight ?"


Pil : "Yeah."


ATC : "Eagle Forty Six Nineteen, maintain visual separation, caution wake turbulence, wind two niner zero one seven, gusting up two seven, runway two two right, cleared to land "


Pil : "Cleared to land, Forty Six Nineteen"


Transcript 4

Pil : "..and Tower Air Canada One Eighty-Seven, we are outside DAWG"


ATC : "Canada One Eighty-Seven, Vancouver Tower, zero eight left, altimeter two niner eight two, number one"


Pil : "Roger number one, Air Canada One Eighty-Seven"


Transcript 5

ATC : "Sax One Hotel Mike heavy, 747 to depart ahead of you, expect late landing clearance"


Pil : "Roger, we can see Big Mamma"


ATC : [Laughter]


Transcript 6

ATC : "November Six Alpha Charlie, wind one two zero/one zero, runway niner, cleared to take off"


Transcript 7

ATC : "Speed Bird Six Seven Six, cleared takeoff two seven right, wind calm"


Transcript 8

ATC : "Lufthansa Four Six One One, after departure climb to maintain altitude fife tousand feet"


Transcript 9

ATC : "Jet BLUE 401, contact Boston departure, hasta la vista"


Pil : "Good Morning, JetBlue 401"


ATC : "Thank you"



Boston John

ATC : "Attention all aircraft, there's parachute jumping in progress about South of Miami, eight thousand feet by Skylane"


Transcript 11

Pil : "Kennedy tower, good evening, American Sixteen-Seventy Four, two thousand two two left and er about five from ZALPO"


ATC : "American Sixteen-Seventy Four, Tower good evening, your traffic four miles ahead is an Airbus A Three Twenty, the wind is three three zero with one five, runway two two left, cleared to land"


Pil : "Ah cleared to land, American er Sixteen-Seventy Four, we do not have the traffic two two left"


ATC : "They're speeding spacing "


Pil : "Ah ! Thanks Sir"



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